The South Port

Total Area:
15 231 000 SF
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About the Project

The South Port Territory is the future new center of urban life in the southeast of the capital. The unique location will make it possible to create a comfortable multifunctional environment combining places for life, work, active sports and cultural leisure.

According to the concept, developed by the architectural bureau Nikken Sekkei, about 1.5 million square meters of residential and commercial properties of various uses will be built on a site of 43.7 hectares. Residential development will be 1 million sq. m. For non-residential multifunctional construction 415 thousand sq. sq. m, including social facilities: kindergartens, schools, clinics.

The South Port project will complement the Moscow horizon mainly with elevations of different levels. Along the river there will be 16 residential towers (height from 90 to 200 meters), 4 towers of the apartment hotel and one office skyscraper 350 meters high. The first floors and stylobats of the buildings will mainly occupy trade, as well as social institutions, business life will be concentrated in an office skyscraper, and all other skyscrapers will become bonus accommodation.

The green zone of the South Port consists of five parks, walking areas near the river and the center of art, a central, welcoming and art-plaza, an open amphitheatre, a floating stage and a street of sakura.

An adaptation of the architectural concept developed by the architectural bureau Nikken Sekkei.
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The concept provides:

  • A sign of social and cultural function at the point of arrival of the pedestrian esplanade-passageway;
  • The development front along the promenade is as dense as possible due to the active stylobats and first floors saturated with public functions;
  • Maximum active and expressive building silhouette;
  • An integral social and recreational zone has been formed.

©️ visualization — Nikken Sekkei

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