GENPRO is an engineering company providing the full range of services for the general design of residential and commercial buildings.

We are the general designer of the project, involved in all stages: starting with conception to completion of the constructions. The company professionalism in the field of design and structures is confirmed by many positive reviews and great experience of project execution.

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Master planning

We carry out the complex of works necessary for the completion of the state project documentation: architectural design, structural solutions, external and internal engineering networks and special sections.
We use advanced technologies and have huge BIM-design experience for apartment buildings and residential complexes. Guarantee reduction of time due to modern technologies and careful planning.
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Architectural Design

Creating an architecture that's impressive. We develop state-of-the-art unique projects with complex solution of functional, structural and aesthetic requirements for them.
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Structural Engineering

All sections of engineering communications are developed in BIM, which reduces the design time and reduces to zero collisions in the project.
We have all the required professional, human and technical resources to carefully calculate the necessary capacities and select the most optimal equipment, which allows to avoid overpayments by the customer during the construction of the facility.
For all process participants we use a single server to work with the current model of the project — all solutions are agreed instantaneously and conflicts in technical aspects are settled in the shortest time.
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Structural solutions

Designing of multi-storey civilian objects with complex architecture.

Thanks to three-dimensional modeling and the latest software complexes for load calculation we create the most optimal constructions without overexpenditure on additional volumes of materials.
All decisions take into account building functional appropriateness.
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Structural solution robotic verification service allows to solve the problem of inflated construction costs, thereby increasing developer's profit. Optimization is performed in volumes of concrete, metal and in areas sold.
At the output there is a report on the volume and money, a detailed report with a list of all technical solutions and 2 BIM-models (before-after). Customer savings on CMP design can be more than 15%.

BSS — Best Structural Solution