Palmira Garden Hotel & Spa

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About the Project

The three-storey structure of the hotel complex begins with a 2-storey executive-public area. On the first floor there is a food area, fitness club and swimming pool, on the 2nd floor there is a conference hall. The residential area with hotel rooms consists of 4 and 8 floors.

Design Development and Construction documents
for Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Low Voltage trades

The customer applied to GENPRO with the task of correction, development of project and working documentation, execution of copyright supervision on the object, as well as accompaniment during the project appraisal.

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Project concept
The hotel was designed as a part of the recreational cluster and is adjacent to the monument of regional significance.
It was necessary to create a modern building, which should be organically combined with the architectural ensemble of the manor.
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The windowpane in the facade solution offers beautiful views of the hotel rooms to the park and the manor, and, on the outside of the glass facade, there are clouds and natural landscape, like living stained glass.
Chief Architect of the project
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The restrictions to the protective area of the cultural heritage object concerned the height, color decisions and architectural style — the absence of spires, towers and other protruding elements in the appearance of the building. Given these, we created a loft-style building with variable altitude and rolling roofs. The color solution is made in the range of the cultural heritage object.

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