About Genpro

Project company providing the full range of services on general design of residential and commercial buildings.

We create efficient residential and civil projects that will be relevant for many years to come. The geography of our projects covers the United States and Europe.



A separate direction of the company is the development of digital technologies. Our own IT technologies allow to systemize and automate work processes, thereby increasing the speed of design and improving the project quality. The architectural direction of GENPRO is headed by Andy Snow, which allows the company to create high international level concepts.



The awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property & real estate industry. An International Property Award is a world-renowned mark of excellence.
International Property Awards
One of the world's most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture. It recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine Architecture design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials and aesthetics.
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards
GFD is a prestigious award, forum that examines the relationship between architecture and the natural world, Architecture and the community, and the Architects and the city.
Global Future Design Awards
Palmira Garden Hotel & SPA
Best Hotel Architecture Europe
River Park — Winner
Orient City — Winner

Key Personnel

Andrew Ushakov
Founder & CEO
Daniel Katrichenko
Vlad Lesnyak
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Sylvester Matera
Business Development Manager
Andy Snow
Creative Director
Victoria Shmidt
Head of Concept Design department
Julia Kat
Head of Business Development department

Our Projects